Custom etched Acrylic Art


The Glow Bed uses 552 individually addressable LEDs and pressure sensors beneath the cushion to create mesmerizing video affects that are both sound and pressure reactive.

Unique Wedding Escort Cards 

Using clear acrylic and a laser cutter, I designed small, 2" x 3" cards and etched each guest's name on them. I then glued them to small, twist on LEDs, and used a removable clear label for the table name. Now each of our guests have a little light up sign with their name. They're even waterproof! 

Light Up Jewelry

This is my new line of GlowMe light up jewelry. I use EL wire, beads, and pendants to make unique pieces that really stand out. 

From edge-lit acrylic art to lamps made from discarded auto parts, I love making the world a brighter place. The above photos are of a bottom lit bed with corresponding fiber optic lights in the canopy.