I have a thing for zebra... and lights. Here's a great chair I found, before and after the "Jengineered" treatment. I've never reupholstered anything before and had only 3 yards of fur, so I created a slip cover that can be removed for easy cleaning. And ground affects of course, because... why not?

TIG welded coffee table, side end tables with stained glass "falling water" design, and matching stained glass candle holders

Using numerous programs including AutoCAD, Pro/E, Corel Draw, and Sketch Up, I create simulated models of my ideas before beginning work. Using woodworking, welding, soldering, and laser cutting techniques, I use a variety of materials to make each piece unique.


This computer monitor stand was created for a DJ friend of mine. It has TIG welded 1" square tubing with a glass top. Her logo was laser etched into acrylic and edge lit with RGB LEDs inside the metal frame. 

Starting with two profiles, I created the Optical Illusion Tables by isolating the profiles in Corel Draw, and laser cutting the design out of a single piece of acrylic. 

The Ultimate Travel Bed uses less than $100 in materials and can fit up to 5 adults. It's best features though are that it can be completely assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes by one person with no fasteners or tools, and when disassembled fits into a small car (like my Miata). 

Who doesn't want a king sized bunk bed in their living room? I created the Megabed for a large party house. It has a king sized 4" thick memory foam for the top and can fit a queen mattress beneath.